Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 28: Crafty Coffee Bar (Part 3)

When I first purchased the dresser for the coffee bar project, I thought I would simply but new handles for the piece, but my friend Melissa who helped me with the beginning of this project said, "Don't waste your money, just repaint them." That is exactly what my hubby did (for me)!

Before he painted them, he scuffed them up with sand paper. For this phase of "project coffee bar," we bought Hammered Silver spray paint. The idea was that this paint would closely match the nickel like hardware on the kitchen cabinets that were already in place.

He did about 2-3 coats of spray paint and then he set them aside to dry. Easy peasy. The last and final step of this part was to put the handles back on and ta-da!

Here is the most recent picture of the project. My last post on the coffee bar will be when I get the shelves and rack up for the cups and d├ęcor!

I can't wait for that day! Can you?

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