Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 30: Writing Challenge Finale

I did it! This is the last official post from the 30 day writing challenge I started back in June. The focus of this post is review the highs and lows of the past months.

I suppose my "low" is the fact that I didn't complete the writing challenge in 30 days. I took time off on the weekends to transfer my blog to a new domain or to write. I will be honest that some days I just didn't feel like writing. I was just too tired or disinterested. I think you might agree that mommy needs a break from "obligations."

Another "low" would be the fact that I haven't really done much by way of "work" for school. Ideally, I had hoped to do some more PowerPoints and lesson plans for my new social studies prep, but again my priorities and mommy obligations came first and not as much has gotten done in that regard.  Will just have to buckle down during the teacher work days.

Speaking of work, I found out yesterday that my teaching schedule has probably changed and I will be teaching at least one 9th grade reading class. Ugh. When I left for summer vacation, I was told I would be full time social studies! This has been the goal for the last 4 years. I feel very jerked around and dissappointed. SMH. (I going to wallow about this one).

Highs for the past 30 days include:

  1. Finding out my AP Psych class had a 71% pass rate on their national exams! #proudteacher
  2. Spending time with my Dad and my sister's family
  3. Hosting a family get together at my house back in June.
  4. Finishing the coffee bar repurposing project
  5. Getting my classroom painted (I didn't do the work, but I am happy it got done!)
  6. I purchased a new diploma frame for my college diploma. When I framed, it it looked more prestigious and I felt proud of my accomplishment again.
  7. I was able to buy some new shorts and pants since my weight loss (dropped 30 lbs! This past year).
  8. Reading a good book, The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty. If you like the show Duck Dynasty you will enjoy the book! I found it to be very uplifting, light, funny read! 
  9. This may seem small, but I was excited to get two new USF shirts this summer!
  10. I am so happy that I finished the 30 day challenge and started writing the blog again. It's a little liberating and scary to put yourself out there for your friends and family to read. 
I am happy of course that I have more highs than lows. It could also be me trying to find the positive in most things. The 30+ days of working on and modifying this challenge were a nice part of my summer.

I wonder what my next summer project will be?

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