Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 23: Crafty Coffee Bar (Part 1)

I have never attempted any sort of repurposing job. I love the décor look of it though and it can sometimes to more pricey to buy a piece already done rather than do it yourself.

Thanks to Pinterest, I got the wind under my sales to attempt to recreate a coffee bar like one seen here.

I've mentioned previously that I am trying to make my home feel more homey through decorating. This project for that reason, plus I love coffee and tea! Luckily for me, I have a great friend, Melissa, who is a pro so with her instruction and help I will attempt this project.

Here is the dresser I purchased at a local Habitat for Humanity. I paid $40 for it. Other supplies I needed: (1) Quart of paint (satin interior), Palm Sander with sand paper, and brushes.

Our first step was to take off the hardware on the dresser and sand it down because of the laminate coating. After we sanded down the dresser, we dry dusted and damped dusted off the particles.

Next, the fun part--the painting. You can use a paint brush or a roller. We decided to use the paint brush because the paint lines would help add to the distressed look I wanted.

After the paint dried, we used the palm sander to begin the process of adding age and distress through the paint. We also went over with sand paper ourselves and did handmade touches.

Lastly, we left the dresser and drawers to dry. We are not done yet! Stay tuned for the final touches!

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