Monday, October 7, 2013

A Simple Dinner In

Sometimes the best weekends are the ones the Hubs and I spend at home. I am not always interested or in the mood go out and about. What would my 20 year old self say to me now? It was one of those days for me this Saturday.

After a long day of grocery shopping and looking for toddler toys and organizers for Little Miss' makeover, I was pooped and thankful that we had no plans and would be staying in and chillaxing. Have I mentioned that Hubby can cook? He's great in the kitchen and tonight he decided to cook up some steaks.
It's still so freaking hot outside---90 degree fall here in Florida, so he opted to cook them up inside than rather on the grill.
To go along with our pan fried steaks, I made green beans and baked potatoes. The green beans were seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, lemon juice, bacon and kalamata olives.

Do you like my cutting board? Yea, it's a paper plate. All of my other cutting boards were dirty! Don't judge!

Our dinner was delicious! Our steaks were perfectly medium well. Yummo. I ate till I couldn't eat another bite. Later, I chased my dinner with some Ben & Jerry Coffee Heath Bar crunch!

All in all it was a simple meal, but significant in our lives. What do you do on you nights in? What makes it unique or special?

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