Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minnie Got Left Behind

Little Miss--"Minnie?, Minnie? Minnie?"

Me--"Babe, have you see Minnie Mouse?"


Little Miss--"Minnie?, Minnie? Minnie?"

Me--"Did she get left at your parents?"

Hubs--"Maybe, let me call."

Little Miss--"Minnie?, Minnie? Minnie?"

Sure enough, Little Miss' new favorite stuffed toy got left behind today. Oh crap. What do we do? By this time, it was around five or so and neither the hubs nor I wanted to drive to 30 minutes in both directions to fetch Miss Minnie Mouse. So we decided to do what we could to distract Little Miss from her missing toy.

The unfortunate thing is that Minnie is apart of our bedtime ritual. Was she going to "freak out" at bedtime? Would she refuse to sleep without her? I resigned myself to cross that bridge if and when I had too. 

As the evening went on, she asked for Minnie more and I kept telling her that Minnie was at Nanny and Papa's house which she understood to an extent, but she was stilling wanting the toy. Nonetheless, the evening continues uneventfully and now it's bedtime. BOM, BOM, BOM.

My only ACE up the sleeve was Puppy. Her other plush bedtime companion. He was #1 until Minnie came along. Maybe he planned to make her disappear so he could be #1 toy again? 

Little Miss--"Minnie?, Minnie? Minnie?"

Me--"Minnie is at Nanny and Papa's. You will see him in the morning. Here's puppy. Time to go night night."

This conversation was repeated a couple of times, but it worked!! HALLELUJAH! Bedtime was tears, screaming or battle of the wills. I guess the silver lining is that she likes two two at night night and for that I am thankful. I know some kids have their favorite ONE blanket, toy etc and without all hell breaking loose.  It was just another simple but significant moment in my mommyhood parenting journey!

P.S. Did you have a favorite "something" that you couldn't live without? Does your kid? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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