Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Conversations with My Husband

Here is another snippet from my simple, but significant day to day life with my husband. My hubs and I have been married almost six years and I love him to pieces and sometimes the conversations we have can be down right hysterical! Here is conversation we had on Monday:
Hubs-"do you see this?" (Pointing to his face)

Me- "Yeah. So?"

Hubs- "I've been hit by a killing curse."

(Odd looks from me) followed with "what are you talking about?" (I think he is referencing some zombie Walking Dead thing).

Hubs- "The killing curse from Harry Potter! Avatar Cadaver" (he didn't say it right which makes it more funny)

Me- "It looks like you scratched yourself." (Literally laughing out loud at this point.)

Hubs- "No, it definitely looks like a sideways lightening bolt." (SMH)

P.S. What have you laughed about lately? 

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