Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Know you're a teacher when #2

Your professional work day is full of meeting and mini workshop sessions. (I thought I was supposed to use this day to finish up grades for report cards?)
You decide to work on your class website from home because the internet is quicker. (Yep, totally me! My work computer is one of the old ones waiting to be upgraded. It only has one gig of RAM.)
You plan out your outfits for homecoming week!

You look forward to Friday just as much as your students, but you often forget what day of the week it is because you are looking forward to Friday so much!

You feel like you have a front row seat other people's drama in the form of a reality show.
You ever told you students not to pack up because there is still 3 minutes left!

Yes, they are all true in my world! I love my job.

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