Thursday, October 10, 2013

My First Eye Doctor Appointment

I am almost 28 years old and I have never been to the eye doctor. Hard to believe? Maybe I am just fortunate to have pretty good eye sight. So why the big "first visit?" Well it all goes back to the fact that I have to renew my driver's license this month and I am paranoid about failing the vision test and not being able to drive because of a expired license!
I've had issues with seeing small print at a distance, but overall my vision is good. I am not a squinter. I don't get headaches because I am reading and I don't see squiggles or have floaters. Nonetheless to the optometrist I go. The nurse I made my appointment with cautioned me about driving afterwards so I called my cousin Sara to pick me up and drive me in case I can't see post exam.

I'll admit I was nervous about the whole appointment. I don't mind the possibility of getting glasses. I look great in glasses!! I can pull of the cool nerdy look with a touch of sophistication. It's the put stuff in and on my eye part that gives me nervous butterflies.

Before my appointment, I shop around the frame selections and check out prices and try on possible frames while I can still see! I find these cute neutral color Michael Kors frames. What sold me more on the frames was the fact that they were 50% off! I was happy about that because the frames were originally prices $315! Wowsa That's expensive metal!
Not long after picking out frames, I hear my name to go back. I gather my things and off I go into the wild unknown. My nurse was nice! She talked me through everything and was patient with me. The drops didn't burn too bad although the numbing agent made my eyes "feel heavy." I held on to the vision machine with a ninja death grip when she had to touch my eye with the equipment. Just breathe......

During the initial exam, I felt so bad at messing up the reading of the lines. My left eye was worse than my right eye. I don't like failing things. I never have so when my vision was blurry or I couldn't see I was quite honest with her and eventually Dr. Parker when he came in.

All in all the health of my eye is good. I was diagnosed as having farsightedness (that was a surprise) and a slight astigmatism. He said that I would pass a vision test  to renew my license and that his feelings would not be hurt if I chose not to fill his prescription for glasses. P.S. I loved the sense of humor on that guy! He was pleasant to talk to! A+ for bedside.....well maybe chair side manner! Plus, he was a USF alumni too!

I decided to go ahead and get the prescription filled just to have the glasses on hand. I read a lot so I know they would help when my eyes are tired. Plus, I pay for vision insurance so why not take advantage of my low OOP costs. My glasses will arrive early next week!  I'm kind of excited about it. I will most definitely share a picture as soon as I can. Until then, here is an old picture of me dressed geeky for homecoming week! The theme was beauty and the geek.

Overall, I am glad I went. I know I psyched my self up a bit about the whole appointment. It's just where my mind goes I suppose. I'm not a hypochondriac, but just concerned.....A LOT! Simple significance, right?

What has been a first in your life recently? I would love to know! Share your experience in the comments section.

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