Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Know You're A Teacher When

I wanted to share with you a snippet of my life as a teacher! Sometimes it's the students, sometimes it's me or a combination of both but either way it's all true!

You know you're a teacher when.....
  1. A student raises her hand in the middle of a lesson and asks you if you color your hair.
  2. You use your personal "I should be relaxing time" to download YouTube videos for class
  3. You notice that a particular student is not in class and you think that it's gong to be a quiet or easy day.
  4. You track the number of copies you have each month religiously.
  5. You regularly meet the same people around certain bathrooms between classes. 

I will be bringing you more of this series as the year goes on! In the meantime, what is something about your job that is humorous or annoying? I would love to know! Leave me a comment.

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