Sunday, October 13, 2013

TP Stock Up Time

It's hard to believe, but we were running low on toilet paper! I have been waiting and waiting for a good stock up deal....patiently might I add!
Side note: this is why stocking up is beneficial and important. I don't have to do emergency runs to the store and pay full price. I can wait for the most opportune moment to buy!
The sale add I was looking for finally arrived. It was a great time too because I had some extra ECBs and CVS e-mailed me a $4/$20 Q that expired Sunday. CVS is running a promotion WYB $30 worth of select items, you will get $10 in ECBs. Here is my transaction breakdown:
I bought (4) 12 packs of Scott Toilet Paper priced at $7.49 each for a total of $29.96 plus tax
 I used (4) .75/1 mfr Qs and $9 in ECBs. I paid $17.96, but I got $10 in ECBs back so my OOP was $7.96 for (4) 12 packs which breaks down to $2 each!! Woot, woot!
Now that's what I call a squeaky clean deal!

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