Monday, May 26, 2014

My Three Expensive Wants

{My Three} A simple list of three things — a different topic — every week, just for fun.

Play along if you like (please do). Leave your list or a link in the comments. Inspired by Little Miss Momma

Today's theme:  Things that I want that are really expensive!

1) Kelly Moore Camera Bag: A Beautiful Mess

A Kelly Moore bag has been on my "want list" since I started getting into photography. I love that they are so stylish and functional, but boy oh boy do they have a hefty price tag! (I might exaggerate a little, but please remember that I am cheap thrifty a thoughtful spender. 

One of the blogger's that I follow, Ashley Stock, @LittleMissMomma recently did a post on this bag in particular. Sigh. I am so jealous. 

2) A Nice New Food Processor

My cheapie foodie processor from Wal-Mart went to the "grave yard" a while ago and I haven't brought myself around to get a new one. Those things are so handy when it comes to recipes that require a lot of chopping, dicing etc. Honestly, I am not sure if an "expensive one" like the Cuisinart model pictured is the best "bang for your buck" when compared to the cheaper one, but one can be optimistic, right? 

3) Purchasing a new blog template 

Of all the "wants" I have mentioned today, this one is the cheapest, but I still have a hard time "pulling the trigger" on this purchase. Is it because I am afraid to invest in my blog? Maybe my insecurity is showing a little there. I really want to purchase one off of Etsy. There are some great options to choose from, plus add-ons.

I know there are a lot of really decent free templates out there, but I think custom is the next step for me. I think it will add professionalism to my pages. I am not the most tech savvy of people so purchasing is the way to go rather than trying to figure out how to create something for myself (not that I couldn't, but my opportunity cost is time). 

Okay, I've shared mine. Now spill!!! What are yours? 

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