Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Three Time Wasters

{My Three} A simple list of three things — a different topic — every week, just for fun.

Play along if you like (please do). Leave your list or a link in the comments. Inspired by Little Miss Momma

What are the things that you do or use to pass the time? What are the things that might help you procrastinate?

It's time for me to share confess my top three.....

1) Instagram- I am fairly new to the Instagram world (less than a year), but I am hooked. Whenever I get a chance, I scroll through my feed to see the latest pictures from my friends, former students and fellow bloggers. I love using the filters on my photos because it makes me feel artsy! In an effort to promote my blog, I have participated in a couple of "Linky Parties" and as a result I've found a couple of new blogs/bloggers to follow. Lately, I've been trying to clear out some of my old photos (aka deleting not so good photos or not as liked photos). Are you following me on IG?

2) Pinterest- Does Pinterest really count as wasting time if I use it for work? Honestly some of my boards are for teaching. I know I've said this before, but it is so helpful to have the links and pictures organized in one spot. I currently have 211 followers, 62 boards and 8,125 pins (holy crap that's a lot of pins)! I must admit in this three things "confessional" post that some of my boards are useless like "Cat Humor, Artsie Fartsie, or White and Nerdy, but I like them all the same. Let's be honest, I will probably never have a closet filled with outfits from my Clothes and Accessories board, but a girl can dream right?

3) Facebook- I like to think that my Facebook page is not overwhelmed with people I do not know. I mean yes there are people who are more acquaintances than friends and some former students sprinkled in here and there. I do hide some people's posts from my newsfeed because you know....some people are too much way too often. I like that FB allows for me to stay in touch with people. And by stay in touch some of you might be thinking about "creeping." Yea, I do a little of that too, but who doesn't?  I will be spending a little extra time on FB this summer. One of my goals is to launch my Simple Significance FB page. I'll probably do a little contest/giveaway to help promote it. Are you excited? I am excited and a little nervous about it because I am putting my blog out there more.

I think it's fairly obvious that there are some aspects of social media that have taken over my free time or piqued my interest. I suppose down the road, I can do an "unplug and disconnect" from social media cleanse, but not today.  Okay, so now it's your turn....time to confess and share the biggest time wasters in your life!

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