Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reflection of a MOM-a-razzi

This is my first sponsored post! Hooray for my blog. Hooray for me! I hope that I don’t screw this up! Amanda Star Photography has asked me to share and reflect on my experience as a newbie photographer or as she says a “MOM-a-razzi.”

What does MOM-a-razzi mean to me? How has MOM-a-razzi helped my photography? Hmm. (puts on thinking cap) that’s a good question.

My journey into MOM-a-razzi-hood began last year when I felt the urge or splurge on a new DSLR camera. Plus, I am a mom and I realized that most of my pictures of Little Miss were on my phone. Yes, I paid (and still do) good money to have newborn/birthday shoots etc, but it was the moments in between that I was missing. Of course, I didn’t need a DSLR to take pictures, but my little point and shoot was not a good motivator for me.

I’ve been following ASP on Facebook since she did my daughter’s newborn shoot.

If you don’t follow photographers on Facebook, you really should! I find that it is a great way to catch deals like mini shoots specials. Anyways, MOM-a-razzi is a workshop that ASP launched in 2013 and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to take it. Unfortunately, that first year or so I either couldn’t afford it or the date never worked out for my schedule.

Fast forward to this past winter….ASP was advertising the next class on Facebook and I now had my da-bomb-diggity camera. The hubs said I could take the workshop and it could be my Christmas present so I contacted ASP and booked my seat as fast as possible. I was even able to score a bit of a discounted price because I caught an advertised flash sale on FB! Again, this is another good reason to follow photographers on FB.

Going into the workshop, I already had the skills to take a decent picture in auto function (point and shoot is not rocket science), but what I really wanted to learn is how to use manual settings. I wanted to kick it up a notch. I tried to do a little research on Pinterest and Youtube, but I struggled and really wasn’t motivated enough to self teach in this way. I needed the guidance of someone with experience who could explain it to me in simple enough terms.

One of the great things about a MOM-a-razzi workshop is that it is small (5 students) which allows for one on one time with Amanda. She will go around to each individual and help them circumnavigate her camera whether it is a Nikkon or Canon. I loved the hands-on style of this class. “Okay, we’ve just talked about F-stop or shutter speed now practice on this piece of cake!”

I would strongly encourage you take notes in your workbook. I've referred to it several times since my workshop. In fact, the “triangle cheat sheet” note card for manual shooting is something I carry in my camera bag as a reference. 

Yea, it’s seen better days…

I've got to be honest with you…..you can take this workshop, learn the terminology and practice a little for this one afternoon, but if you don’t practice with your camera regularly it will be a waste of time. Plain and simple---no sugar coating. You have got to make a conscious effort to take the lessons from the workshop and try them out often. You will not be good at manual shooting at first. I still am not good at it, but I am getting better.

Do you want to hear something funny? I’ve shot some pictures in auto function and then switched to manual at the same event or “shoot” and I thought that my manually shot pictures look better. The colors in the pictures are brighter or the lighting is better when compared to the ones before it. You have to consciously choose the “harder” option and as a result, you will get better and the “harder” option will not be as hard. 

Here’s an example of how I got the ISO wrong when I was messing around with my camera

The first picture is too light so I adjusted my function and got the better colored second picture. Again practice, practice, practice.

I've found that I have become more thoughtful in my photography. I look for good picture opportunities rather than snapping picture "willy-nilly" and by that I mean finding the “right light” or clearing the background of debris. 

Take this picture for example:

Do you see that clutter in the background? Yea, it doesn't make for a clean picture. If I would have thought about the picture a little more before taking it I could have adjusted or moved. It’s little things that can make your photography better. Again, I am no expert, but this is what I have learned here and there.

One of the bonus perks of completing the MOM-a-razzi course the access to the Facebook group. It’s a great place to share photos, review tutorials, and ask for help.  I find the personal feedback and encouragement to be helpful. I actually look forward to having pictures to share.

After you take this course, you might want to learn more or get more accessories to help your photography grow! I know I do! Here is my latest little photography goodie:

I really want to learn more about photo editing. There’s an ASP workshop for that too! The MOM-a-razzi program grows with you! How cool is that?

So what does MOM-a-razzi mean to me?
  •  It means being able to capture a life moment---to freeze it in time and relish in it.
  • It means having fun with your camera and being that annoying person with a camera ready always wanting to take someone’s picture.
  • For me, photography is my latest creative outlet. I’m not going to lie, I get a little high from scrolling through the pictures that I have taken that turned out well. You get this inner sense of pride and accomplishment well up inside you.
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