Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adventures of Potty Training

I wanted to share with you one of my less stressful more laugh out loud moments from our potty training journey. As you might recall, we've had our ups and downs up to this point.

Well, Little Miss gave us one for the memory book today! My Little Princess sometimes has a hard time going #2. She might hold it in for a couple of days. Anyways, today was a day I was waiting for a poop. She didn't poop for Papa so it was mommy and daddy's turn to be on poop watch because Little Miss is known to go and hide or over dramatize the "poops."

After dinner, she was doing too poop dance. It looks something like this:

I knew it was "time" because she was starting to squat so I scooped her up and ran to the bathroom (without killing us falling in the process). Well, the #2 was coming and most of it got in the potty, but some of it didn't. Yuck right?

I bet at this point you're like where's the funny part? It's coming...trust me.

As a kind of loving parent, of course I am telling her she did a good job and that I am proud that she went poopy in the potty, but at this point I am more concerned about the stinky mess I now have to clean up. I dissemble the floor potty after I clean Little Miss off, but I don't put on any panties yet. Again, more concerned about the poop mess.

So as I am in the utility room, cleaning her floor potty, I hear a toilet flush. Her toilet to be exact. Uh oh. What did she do?

Any guesses? I'll wait.......

Still waiting......

Okay, I'll tell you what she did. Little Miss peed on her potty without the bowl meaning she peed on the floor and then went and flushed the toilet. There is no way you can be angry at her because that is hilarious!

It's these moments that we'll look back on and laugh!  I love these simple, but significant moments.

Do you have a funny story about your kids and something they did by accident? or maybe it was something you did? I would love to laugh out loud with you! Share your story today in the comments sections.

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