Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 8: I can't get no--Satisfaction. Just Kidding

Today's topic asks me to consider and reflect upon a time when I felt satisfied with my life.

I'll be perfectly honest I am usually most satisfied with my life after a good home cooked meal or when the day is done, my daughter is sleeping and I can curl up in bed and chillax.

When my daughter was born, I kind of had to step out of the kitchen for a little bit. I love to cook and try out new recipes. My husband has taken over more of the cooking duties while I "entertain" or watch our little Miss. However, I do get the chance to jump in there are whip something up more now that she is older. Side note: How is it that I can keep her busy and out of the kitchen when my hubby is cooking, but when I am cooking my daughter is usually trying to claw up my leg? haha

Eating a good meal does something for the soul especially when it is made from love. Yes, we have a physiological need to eat, but there's something about the experience of that first bite or looking forward to your favorite meal or dish and then relishing in the after glow of a "meal well done." I am by no means a foodie. My palate isn't complex. I do not have a state of the art kitchen stocked with the best equipment money could buy, but we make it work.

Sleep, oh glorious sleep! I feel quite satisfied with life when I am well rested. I had post partum insomnia and it was no bueno. You know that old adage sleep when the baby sleeps? Yea, not so much for me! I was miserable and in turn quite emotional as a result. You will never take for granted a good night's sleep after it has been systematically denied to you by a newborn and new mommy stress.

I am a working mom so after a long day at work, dealing with other people's kids, it is nice to be able to let it all go and relax! I may not know what it is like to sleep in a lot, but I am thankful for the rest I do get now.

When you look at your life can you find satisfaction there? I hope so. If you can't find ONE thing, you might want to make some changes, a life overhaul if you will. No matter how small or how simple there are things, ideas, routines, people, actions that are quite significant if you only allow yourself to see and believe them. You just might find something pretty special.

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