Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bookshelf Makeover

Have you ever got the "wind in your sails" to do something out of the blue? If so, you can totally relate to this post because I decided that it was time to put my bookshelf back together with some style.

Before Little Miss was around, my bookshelf did have some organization, but once she became mobile and more curious I had to rethink my bookshelf for a while. Here is what it looked like more recently.

Pretty huh? Yea, pretty ugly. So what is a girl to do? I have two words for you: Pinterest Inspiration (cue inspirational background music with trumpets and applause).

In my recent Pinterest explorations, I came across some tips and tricks for decorating a book shelf. I even created a board to keep all these little goodies. I think this one here was my favorite! I absolutely love and adore the layered eclectic look so that was my goal.

I found these cute little white ceramic animals on clearance at Target. A couple of the DIY bloggers that I follow on Instagram turned me on to this style look. The white adds some sophistication to the overall decor.

Next, I went into my china cabinet, spare room and any other place I could scavenge to add to the bookshelf.

Yes, I am aware that the picture frames are empty and there may be tags on them still, but in my defense I was too excited to take them off today. Plus, I am waiting on my recent picture order from Snapfish so the frames will not be empty for long.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out and  bonus is that it didn't take long at all! I am still considering the possibility of painting the inside or something (not sure what) to give it a little extra something. I mean it's not the most expensive bookshelf in the world. I think the Hubs and I picked it up at Big Lots when we first moved into our home.

What's something that you've been want to do around your home?

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