Monday, March 10, 2014

Wal-Mart Trip 3/8/14

Here is a soda deal I was did at Wal-Mart. My hubby likes his Diet Mt. Dew, but it doesn't go on sale frequently. I usually wait for a B2G1 deal or something like that at Publix or a decently priced deal at CVS.

Wal-Mart had 12 packs on sale for $3 which is a pretty great price in itself. However, I also found $2/2 peelies on the 12 packs! Happy dance.

I bought 6 12 packs and paid $2 each! I am super excited about this one. I usually don't get great soda deals.

Have you scored any good coupon deals lately? I've been a little slow with the couponing lately.

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