Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On A Field Trip I Did Go

I sponsor two clubs at the school I work at. My newest club is for future educators. The goal of the state sponsored club is to educate and inform students who which to become teachers. They get opportunities to job shadow, search for scholarships, and make teacher appreciation gifts throughout the year.

Just recently, our little club took a tour to a local university. This particular university has a strong elementary education program. We've never done.a tour together as a group and it was a nice chance to get out of the classroom for the day!

Unfortunately for us, Florida weather is often all over the place and today was one of those days...cold and rainy!

A great day for a campus tour right? Nonetheless, a little rain would not detour us from our university adventure. The girls got a text in the morning that it was going to rain and to dress appropriately.
Here are some of the pictures, I was posting on Instagram throughout our tour.

College campuses are so pretty! This one in particular uses their private school tuition to make the campus quite beautiful. The last couple years I have had the opportunity to visit a couple and every visit makes me want to go back myself.....briefly.

We saw an official Tanked tank built into a dorm area. Some students were featured during the filming of this on campus episode.
The recreation area had a relaxation room and a game room. The tour guide said these relaxation pods can only be found on their campus compared to other schools. Not sure how much I believed that one.....but it's pretty cool.

We squeezed in a teacher student fooz ball game...teachers vs. students. It was a tie. I was a little rusty and out of practice. When you play this game are you a crazy spinner? I am. It's the only way I know :)

When the girls were waiting on their presentation to start. I snuck off to the library and ran into Ron Burgundy! I'm such a nerd.
All in all it was a great trip! I personally don't recommend going to a private college because of the cost alone is gigantic, but they are a lot of scholarships and financial opportunities out there if you look hard enough, but that's another issue for another day. I am so glad we planned this. I hope the club members want to go on another tour next year!

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