Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not a Morning Person

Good Morning! What time did you roll out of bed this morning? I've been up since about 6 am and by up I mean laying in bed until about 6:30 am. My darling daughter decided all week that she would be getting up at 6:40 am! Ugh. Normally she would get up around 7 am, but then of course the time changed.

What's the difference between 6:40 am and after 7 am? A lot like coffee and maybe cereal!!! I am not a morning person by any means. Leave me alone and don't talk to me. This has been my entire life....not just since I became a mom. I don't know why. I just know that I like slow mornings with extra time to wake up.

Luckily Little Miss is Mommy's girl in the morning. She likes her chocolate milk and cartoons and she's set for a little bit. Additionally, if you are around me in the morning you shouldn't be making a lot a crap ton of noise either. My dog gets all excited in the morning because she knows she's about to get her morning grub on and SHE SNEEZES! WTH? And it's not a quiet sneeze's a sonic boomer.

So this post is for all the mommies and daddies who don't sleep in anymore and our frequent sometimes  occasional moodiness. You are not alone. Buck up and have your self a sugar filled breakfast with a large up of coffee! Cheers.

P.S. Little Miss slept in today. I wish she would have told me. Sigh....

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